Casino mage hearthpwn

casino mage hearthpwn

I'm not sure if this deck is going to work very well but I'm sure you are going to have fun. Trying to update with new cards. Check this OMG LOL. Very fun deck to play right now. Basically gives you a lot of tools to play with and can either be a fast game or a short game. Waygate isn't a win. Adjunto el deck con el que llege a leyenda! es un casino mage bastante entretenido:) Si obtengo varios likes voy a hacer una guia del mazo. Last edited by dustedrebel on Oct 26, Flamewaker really does make this deck good, helps alot with early game when clearing! This site works free spiele download deutsch with JavaScript enabled. Click here for more information. I think his best use is in a tempo-like mage deck that needs spell triggers like this one. Last edited by kaworu on Sep 28, Playing agaisnt Effigy is much more rare than Mirror Entity which is no surprise and people know how to handle it.

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Refined Midrange-Control Pally Midrange Paladin Deck by KitsuneRTC - Apr 17, Toss in a coin and see what you get! Tinkmaster Overspark - A random target and a random outcome? SHould replace Ethereal Conjurers with Mad Bombers and Antonidas with Ragnaros or Nexus Champion-Saraad. If you go over that number its more likely that it will be a negative effect to you that your opponent.

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Mad Bomber - This card teaches us that rng can backfire, but we're still gonna try it. Comments 1 2 3 4 5 … 7 Next. You play him on turn 7 him plus Inspire or a bit earlier if you have a discount on your hero power. Against aggro you need some luck, midrange can be super difficult to win against. And because it's not some already heavily-tuned perfect beast where you don't want to take a single card out of place, you can tune it yourself to your own liking and your own opinion of what the optimal list would be both flavor-wise and performance-wise. casino mage hearthpwn


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